A Perfectly Simple Day

Everyday is busy with responsibilities, obligations, routines and family life and yet we always seem to manage to commit to more, cram in more, respond to more and be more. At the end of every day we realize that we were busier than we intended; some days we feel overwhelmed and exhausted, other days we go to bed with a feeling of accomplishment. Regardless of how we feel at the end of a day,  we wake up the next day and make lists, plan, organize, prioritize and do it all again.

This morning I woke up to grey skies and a steady drizzle of rain. I got out of bed and walked to the window and smiled. Normally I’m not one to be excited about a rainy day, but today Mother Nature was flirting with me and I embraced it. I saw both children off to school. I cancelled a trip to see a dear friend and she comforted me with her understanding.  Shortly thereafter I was notified that an event I was volunteering for was cancelled which meant I did not need to spend the day planning.  That left business responsibilities, which fortunately I had nothing pressing so I logged out of the corporate world today.

An executive decision was made: I declared a lazy day, or call it a self-maintenance day, or a simple day. I went for a chiro appointment to ensure I was in alignment, enjoyed a deep tissue massage and spent the rest of the day in comfy sweats, a holey soft cotton shirt, no make-up and greasy hair. Today was going to be a comfy day spent at home.

I enjoyed pots of my favourite Egyptian licorice tea while reading books and articles that’ve amassed and been neglected.

I sat still gathering thoughts and releasing thoughts; a mental cleanse of sorts – almost like de-cluttering a drawer.

I wrote (typed a few blog posts)….and I did a very strange thing: I answered the phone in the kitchen which has a corded handset. To actually sit down, sit still and chat on the phone with no multi-tasking?! I thoroughly enjoyed that conversation with my aunt who lives far away.

This evening I did another very strange thing. I sat on the couch and did nothing. I feel accomplished.

It’s still raining; a perfect end to a perfectly simple day.