Daikon & Beet Asian Salad

Here’s a salad I whipped up from some of the oddest ingredients in my kitchen ~ a zesty, tangy and refreshing combination.  This light salad leaves you feeling quenched.  Great for a complimentary dish to cleansing (depending on what you are restricting, of course).


Daikon & Beet Asian Salad (from Leah’s Kitchen). Makes two

A bed of chopped romaine lettuce (3/4 of a salad bowl)

A small handful of chopped sweet onion

Shredded daikon (1/2 cup per bowl of salad)

Finely sliced green cabbage (1/2 cup per bowl of salad)

Top with a few olives (I used garlic stuffed olives), beets (either steamed or pickled; today I used pickled and the extra zap was tasty), leftover cold rice and if you are looking for an added spike ~ add golden peperoncini.



Seasoned rice vinegar

Sesame oil

Sea Kelp Delight Seasoning

Flaked sea salt