strength + wellness


Being physically active is a privilege denied to many and I never want to take that for granted. 

I’m driven to be active and strong af. I’ve always been physically active, inspired by many motivating factors but mostly because it feels so damn good and the ability to move should not be taken for granted.

I grew up figure skating in the winter and waterskiing in the summer. I played field hockey, fastball, volleyball, basketball and was a recreational experimenter of many other disciplines.

I ranked high in the Miss Teen Canada fitness testing but was told by the fitness institute assessors after the competition that my weight played a factor in my overall results; essentially when everything was factored in to their calculations, I was underweight. Talk about a blow to the little ego that thought she conquered and kicked ass in all of the physical requirements (situps, pushups, sit and reach, etc).

I tried to shrug it off but when I reflect, I notice that in my 20’s I changed gears and adopted a more chill active life of golf and mountain biking.

But then motherhood took hold. I grew up never witnessing my own mom doing one physical activity ever.  Not a walk, bike ride, hike-nothing. In her defense she was diagnosed with MS and went blind in her left eye shortly after I was born. After I was born, she had twenty years before she was bedridden at the age of 45 and then died at the age of 60. My mid forties have been about keen awareness to this fact. I cannot imagine being bedridden and my heart goes out to those who, like my mom, were dealt this unfair hand.

Everytime I run, bike, hike, cycle, wake-surf, down-hill or skate-ski, play the position of last defender on the soccer pitch with my son or pedal my exhausted af legs in spin class with my daughter – every single time, I reflect with gratitude that I can. And I hope to inspire my children – sweating, failing and succeeding. 

Being physically active is a privilege denied to many and I never want to take that for granted. 

Health and wellness can change in the blink of an eye and I strive to live with no regrets, no time wasted, no path or vista within my reach not enjoyed.

Go out there and kickass today friends.