back to school: allergy life checklist


Do you live with environmental or food sensitivities? Asthma? Allergies? Anaphylaxis?

September is like January in my mind; a new calendar, time to reset. Which means ensuring all meds are re-organized, prescriptions re-filled and old meds/epi pens are returned to the drugstore for proper disposal.

Our 14yo son lives with 28 severe food allergies and environmental asthma warrants the need to have meds accessible at all times.

Here’s how our stash is allocated: School locker, school office, backpack, sports bag, a separate supply for the coaches sports bag, my purse, my husband’s vehicle and mine.

We also have a home on a ski hill and I’ve given a set to a neighbour so that if for some reason we do not have access or enough meds on hand, there is a backup plan being so far away from town.

Allergies, asthma and other serious medical conditions require immediate attention. With proper organization and planning we can mitigate the chances of not being prepared in case of emergency.

Lastly, with the new school and sports year ahead, it is important to ensure that the school administrators, teachers and coaches are aware of all medical situations potentially requiring immediate action.

Ensure your kids friends also know what to do incase of emergency.

Does your home have a simple anti-histamine on hand even if you or your loved ones do not have allergies? I highly recommend it for visitors who may react to your pets, a wasp sting, or any other situation which may render a minor reaction.

Do you know how to administer an epi-pen?