hello september


Summer’s end vibes. September is like January. Motivated to cleanse in all aspects of life.

Sift through closets and drawers, rotate the goods and give generously to charity or your local women’s shelter

Empty and clean the kitchen cabinets and pantries only putting back what will be used in the next month (the local food banks could make better use of the grub that we are not using)

Transplant indoors plants

Replace filters (especially after the smokey summer we’ve all had)

Empty your inbox either filing or trashing every single email

Make a new workout playlist

Buy a new toothbrush

Get a facial and cleanse your skin of the lotions, smoke and toxins

Drybrush your body for the next month to kick start your lymphatic system

Put a cork in the wine bottle for at least 30 days (I’m on day 20, down 2" around my waist and sleeping like a baby)

Add a new activity to your routine (pilates, painting, volunteer at an event or even a one day workshop)

Lead with your heart and practice gratitude

What are your September reset rituals?