vegan thai curry soup

Seriously so simple and the variations are endless!

Base: 2 cans of your favourite coconut milk. Start by using a few spoonfuls of the thick layer of coconut milk in the base of your soup pot. Add a spoonful (or two) of your favourite curry paste (I use red). Whisk until smooth over medium heat. Add the remaining coconut milk and whisk until all is smooth. Add a few stalks of lemongrass and a dozen lime leaves.

Continuing on medium heat, add grated ginger, carrots, thinly sliced leeks and bite size pieces of asparagus and a handful of bean sprouts. Sprinkle in the grated peel of 2 limes and add the juice of 4 freshly squeezed limes. Stir in two cups of water mixed with 1 tsp of your favourite broth base (I use Nutrimax Chicken Soup Base - vegan). Simmer.

Lastly, add your favourite rice noodles (that have been cooked separately). For cilantro lovers, add freshly chopped leaves and stems to taste.

The variations to this recipe are endless. Other ingredients I have added: chopped zucchini, green onions, spinach leaves, Swiss chard, bok choy, garbanzo beans, edamame beans. You may prefer rice over noodles. You may want to throw in chicken for added protein.

Victoria PodollanComment