In 2013 I joined a build-team from across Canada representing Her International (formerly IWEN) in an extremely remote region of Nepal, called Dang.  The main focus of this build trip was to complete construction of a school (literally mixing and pouring cement by hand) and to dig the foundation for a women’s vocational centre, Unako House. Unako translates into “It’s hers”.

“Her International focuses on ensuring that girls receive an education, that their mothers and all women from the community have access to skill-building opportunities, and that micro-financing groups are available to fund their hopes and dreams. Sustainably.”

Since 2005, efforts from this organization have saved, rescued and empowered thousands of girls – girls as young as 7 years old who, in this world of ours are still being sold by their families into bonded labour contracts – arrangements which include house slaves, farm labour and in some cases sex trade workers. Success Stories from Her International’s website (2018):

  • We rescued 187 young girls from bonded labour.

  • We have provided a total of 2,261 annual scholarships.

  • We currently fund the education of 166 students and empower over 900 women through Savings + Life Skills groups.

There are so many meaningful ways to become involved. In 2013, though the generous support of friends and family I raised nearly $25,000. For as little as $33/mo, you too can sponsor a girl. For $100, you can buy a brick (If you buy a brick, you can have your family name or the name of a loved one on it. It’s a perfect birthday present that gives globally and warms the heart of the recipient.) Collectively we can do something that has real, tangible and meaningful results.

Become involved or donate now: Her International